Saturday, January 3, 2009

shakin pyramids

all right kids here is some break neck speed neo-rockabilly from glasgow for ya..the shakin' pyramids, from thier 1981 album skin em up, take a trip is a fantastic super fast rocker to get yer feet moving, sunset of my tears and hellbent for rockin have a teeny wweeny skip in it but dont worry it still rocks yer socks lets take a trip with this glasgow buskin trio...the shakin pyramids


free rockabilly musc blog

that be dj turky from paris france, at the montreal weekender last year, sadly i missed it but me wife jenny captured the moment with her camera..any hoo this post is for another blog called free rockabilly music, this blog has tons of rockin tracks for download..the link is in my blog list thingy to the right,,,and a direct copy paste link here

go there and go there often
more records comin up soon...gonna start recording now, i actually record as i post, i dont have all this stuff on my computer go to free rockabilly music NOW!!!

here is a nice compilation from the mid to late fifties from capitol records, yea yea i know you have all this music already, but i'm putting this up for historical rocknroll record compilations...[yea right]any whoo ya got gene vincent sining be-bop-a-lula, well i knocked,lotta lovin, dance to the bop and ferlin husky, watcha doin after school,wang dang doo, lots and lots of music here, teenage rock is a perfect name for this comp enjoy

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some canadian country rockers

here i have some canadian only pressings from50's and early 60's, country acts with a few rockers, ya cant really call gabby haas as a rocker but like every country artist they did a rocknroll song so they wouldnt lose the kids, buying there music, kinda like metal bands putting a dj in there band!!!anyway i also have the whippoorwills playing dead end, they are the guys in the pink shirt, gabby did an album, with clarence ploof, the guy with the guitar over his shoulder,he plays ghost riders, and cp boogie, while i also have gabby haas barndance gang doing rocky mountain rock, vocals by the hale favorite track here


Saturday, October 18, 2008

the cadets

a great doo wop band ,who were on modern records..this release from 1963, is on modern's budget label crown records, some great rockin tracks "stranded in the jungle" {jayhawks cover} "love bandit", rollin stone" and some calypso inspired tunes, "i had but 50 cents", and "rum jamaica rum"
"the riddle" ia nice little dittie that reminds me of earlier 50's vocal rnb, and "john henry" is just a fantastic song, a folk song youve all heard, in all this is great rockin rnb doo wop record!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

johnny burnette rnr trio bertha lou/ till the law says stop

this is a weird little 45, i think i have the story 1955 while on the way to california, the rnr trio rented SUN STUDIOS to record a 4 song demo for CORAL RECORDS, we have two songs here...well three, the song bertha lou and till the law says stop {the demos} were not released till 1962 on surf records i think but.....dorseys vocals were over dubbed with johnny faire, aka donnie brooks, while bertha lou as far as i can see, the vocals remained johnny i have till the law says stop with the original vocals from HYDRA RECORDS, just dorsey singing..the surf 45, from 1962, has johnnie faire aka donnie brooks,dubbed on top of dorseys vocals...later on on the CEEJAM label the "original" vocals were released, on a 45 so here we go
bertha lou...raw amazing and the best version i've ever heard {demo version}
till the law says stop...overdubbed johnny faire vocals
till the law says stop..original vocals
confused yet? written by johnny marascalco..aka johnny burnette
all this confusion happend because of this time johnny and dorsey had seperate record contracts with differant labels any way enjoy!!

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we have all heard "wild weekend", a rockin guitar instro, by the rockin rebels, but before they were the rockin rebels, they were the "HOT TODDYS"..i think we all know why they changed thier name..not to rocknroll there...then they went overboard with thier new name "THE ROCKIN REBELS" anywhoo i have two 45's under both names..both 45's have ROCKIN' CRICKETS, while the small SHAN TODD label {named after two members who were in the hot toddys} have a rockin vocal of "SHAKIN AND STOMPIN", and of course i have a canadian pressing of the ROCKIN REBELS ...WILD WEEKEND, so enjoy these 45's of the HOT TODDYS AKA ROCKIN REBELS.